Clint Herring's art is an impassioned body of work. In the medium of transparent watercolor, he strives to unveil the essence and aura of his subjects. At an early age, Herring demonstrated a natural talent for drawing. He was introduced to watercolor in his early teens. Through the years he has won many local, district, and state art awards.

Herring attended Auburn University in the early Eighties, majoring in visual arts. After his university studies his artwork was exhibited individually. He later joined four other Southeastern artists in exhibiting works through private showings. He has also held the position of art director with a local design firm.

Herring continues to produce commissioned works and has many published, signed, and numbered lithographs. The majority of his time is spent painting and exploring the watercolor medium. For the last several years, he has immersed himself in his work and to that end is well versed in contemporary American realism. His most recent works have been painted in a freer manner born of a newfound confidence and a sincere interest in seeing how far he can take his talent and his art. Herring lives in Auburn, Alabama.

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